Rescue Fish

Our supporters

Rescue Fish is LegaSea’s most significant project to achieve more abundant fisheries.

LegaSea has nine Platinum Partners, over 30 Gold Partners and a number of corporate sponsors. These Partners and sponsors have supported LegaSea to get to the stage of releasing Rescue Fish. When combined with the generosity of thousands of Kiwis who care about our marine environment, we have a parade.

Our team strives to act in a fair and professional manner, and our dedication to detail has given our supporters the confidence to stick with us. Rebuilding our inshore fishery to a level of abundance is now a shared vision.

We are grateful for this support and look forward to inspiring more people to join us striving for more abundant fish stocks and a healthier marine environment.

Let’s be the first generation to give our kids a better fishery than the one we inherited
Matt Watson, ITM Fishing Show