Take action

Action Centre

One page, three easy actions to rescue our fish.

Together we can save our marine environment. If you want to help, then you can act now in three quick, easy steps – right here on this page. Begin by signing the petition and adding your voice to the call for rescuing our fish. Then support the cause with a donation if you can, and finally share this with your networks or even write to your MP.

Action 1

Sign the petition

We want our house of representatives to seriously consider Rescue Fish as an alternative to the quota management system.

Add your name to the cause.

Donate today

With your support we can make enough noise to get our message in front of more people and be noticed by the government.

If you would prefer to donate to Rescue Fish by depositing directly into our bank account, please email: [email protected]

Credit card security is of most importance and credit card details are not kept on the LegaSea database. Your payment details have the security offered by Paystation, a fully PCI DSS compliant certified Solutions Provider.

Action 3

Get active

It doesn’t stop here. We need to keep the pressure on and reach as many people as we can. We need to be heard.

Here’s how:

Write to your MP


Get all your connections involved.

Be an advocate

We want you to spread the word about Rescue Fish and the difference it will make. This means talking about it. Tell your friends at your next BBQ. Tell your workmates over lunch. Your parents, the next time you phone. And definitely your mates, the next time you go fishing.


At the next election, this may well be an election issue. It certainly is important enough. So be prepared to use your vote to push for change.