How will commercial fishers be better off under Rescue Fish?

Under Rescue Fish the Government buys back the quota for inshore fish stocks. The buy-back cost is recovered over time from resource rentals applied to fishing permits. There will be a tender process and the agreed price the fisher pays for the permit will be the resource rental that goes to the Crown in recognition that a public resource is being exploited. Fishing permits will only be issued to the fishermen and women working on the water and they will only pay the resource rental on landed catch.

There will be no more rents gathered by quota owners, so all profits from fishing go to the hardworking fishermen and women. This is to encourage fishers to sell their fish locally or seek the highest export price.

Rescue Fish removes the barriers to entry so young people can go commercial fishing and make a decent return for their effort. It’s jobs and keeping it local. A win-win for everyone.